IP rights

Click on the icon « Cases/IP rights » and you will directly create an IP right file: it’s as easy! Fill in a name, the type of IP right and a status, and that’s it. You can also include a short description if you like, and numerous fields allows you to manage additional information: official dates (application, publication, registration or grant, etc.). But you can also include countries, classes, or applicant, inventor or representative (IP attorney) names, etc.

FiveOsix allows to manage International trademarks, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and European Patent (EP) filings, ARIPO, AIPO (OAPI) and CTM applications and registrations. For International trademarks and EP or PCT filings, you can add the designated countries in a specific field that appears when selecting the corresponding entry in the list of countries.

You can also create automatically a task for the renewal or next annual fee due date by clicking on the corresponding icon, directly in the IP right sheet.


FiveOsix allows you to interlink IP rights

You can therefore insert a « parent IP right » and obtain an overview of your rights. For example, you can create a right for your national registration trademark, and another entry for the European registration concerning this trademark. Each will have its own entry, its own deadlines, and you will be able to set and follow-up budgets and upload or disseminate documents for each, separately. You can also grant access to your team members or to partners, and limit said access to one of the IP rights only.


How can I share information and documents?

FiveOsix allows you to create groups within your own organization or with external partners or customers.

Create a group, and grant access to IP rights, tasks and the related documents and budgets to members of this group only. First create a group, in the « Admin » part of left menu. You can choose the name of the group, without limitation. Then invite participants, by using the « manage users » part of the « Admin » menu. After having selected the level of access you decide to grant (viewing only, or editing, even administrating FiveOsix with you), just fill in the email of the person you want to invite. Upon click on the button « send » they will receive an email containing their invitation to join the group you have created. After having created their account, they will be able to access IP rights, tasks, documents and/or budgets linked to this group.


Control access to your information

You can attribute each IP right or tasks to one group. Only members of this group will be allowed to see it and to access it. Documents and budgets related to this project, IP right or tasks are available to the same person(s) only.

You can invite participants or team members, but you can also delete any access right you have granted, whenever you want. You have full control over information you decide to share, and over the persons having access to your information!


Centralize your contact details

FiveOsix contains a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, where you can store and retrieve information about your contacts. You can easily create companies’ entries, and contact details (email, phone, fax) for each individual related to said companies. FiveOsix will send automatically email reminders to your contacts if you allocate them to a task.


Manage tasks, deadlines and reminders

You can create a task related to a specific IP right. Tasks can be as varied as: answering questions, providing response to an official query or opposition, draft a contract or submit a budget for approval … but it can be anything you want!

Just put a name, a short description if you want, and the IP right related to the task! Optionally you can manage its status, its priority, and put a deadline.

With a simple click you will enable automatic email reminders: chose the date and hour of your email(s), and insert the contact person(s) that will receive your emails: you can also use this functionality to email reminders to yourself!


Import and manage documents

You have two ways to import documents: – you can drag and drop a document when you are in the « document » part, or in an expense. You can then edit data associated to the document (name, description, related IP right and task) – you can create a new document sheet, fill in the name, description, project and optionally the task it relates, and then select it by browsing your computer.

You can provide a date for each document.

Documents are accessible from each IP right by clicking on the corresponding icon in the IP right list.


Track project expenses

Use our easy to use expense manager to store intellectual property rights expenses. When ready you can verify your statistics.

Separate intellectual property rights related activity into info sheets and track tasks, time, expenses, invoices, documents against specified budgets.



Teams of all sizes can easily manage their time with FiveOsix. When ready, you can export time logs to convert into invoices.


Email reminders

Automatic reminders will be sent to your partners to make sure your tasks are conducted on a timely and efficient manner.


Safe and secure

All FiveOsix sessions are secured with SSL. Your data is safe from accidents with full daily backups.


Access from anywhere

No software to download or install. FiveOsix works with all major web browsers.

No difficulty to access information during a meeting or while traveling. FiveOsix is fully adapted for your mobile phone or tablet.