At FiveOsix K S.a.r.l., we understand the value of privacy. That is the reason why, for example, all Internet traffic to and from us is encrypted by default. We comply with all applicable legal requirements.

Data controller

FiveOsix K S.a.r.l.

68, Rue de Bourgogne



Business ID (Luxembourg): ?????????

Contact person for data protection matters: General Manager Siegfried Eind,


Name of personal data register

The FiveOsix information and analysis services system. This privacy statement applies to all online and offline processing of personal data at FiveOsix S.a.r.l. and its branches and subsidiaries.

Purpose of data processing

Publicly available personal data contained in the supported official registries are processed for informational purposes to provide accurate and comprehensive information to users of the system. Personal data from users of the system are processed for the purposes of service delivery, including access control, information retrieval and reporting, payment and invoicing, customer communication, and any other purposes necessary for maintaining the customer relationship. Personal data may also be used for service development, research, and marketing purposes, including direct marketing.

Types of personal data

In accordance with the purpose stated above, personal data processed by FiveOsix can be broadly divided into two categories: personal information in official registries data, and personal data on FiveOsix customers (including prospective customers and trial users).

From official registries: any personal data contained therein, including but not limited to name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, for IP owners, representatives, parties to legal proceedings, and others.

Basic customer data: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, information on consent to marketing, user ID and password, and/or any data provided by an external service for the purposes of customer identification.

Data created during the customer relationship: transaction data, including but not limited to queries, pages viewed, prepared applications and payments for services, and portfolio data, when applicable. Only information necessary for effecting transactions between customers and FiveOsix is processed by FiveOsix. Query data are not retained as personally identifiable data, except when used as a part of a commercial transaction or when otherwise requested by the user. Other personal data are retained for the duration of the customer relationship, or for the time required to meet applicable statutory obligations.


Regular sources of data

Official registry data

Customer data: FiveOsix S.a.r.l. and from the customers themselves

Lists of relevant contact information for marketing purposes from various third-party providers

Regular destinations of disclosed data and transfer of data outside the EU and EEA

Personal data contained in the official registries are provided to users of the service over the Internet, also to areas outside the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Personal data of FiveOsix customers are generally not provided to third parties. Personal data may also be subject to disclosure pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants, orders, or in cases of merger, acquisition or bankruptcy of the controller.


Use of cookies

Cookies are used in the system for the purposes of user identification and tracking, access control, transaction management, and service development.


Principles of data security

The customer data register is confidential. The register is secured against external intrusion using appropriate measures, such as firewalls and other technical means. The register is not stored in paper form. Access to the register is restricted to authorized persons only, who are identified by a personal user ID and password, and who are bound by a confidentiality agreement. The data security practices of external data processors are ensured through agreements.

Personal data contained in the official registries are publicly readable and thus not specifically protected.

All external communications over the Internet are encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol, unless unencrypted communications are specifically requested by the user.

Your rights as a data subject


Any data subject may request a printout of all their personal data by a written request by mail to the data processor at the address listed above.


If there are errors in the customer data, you may correct them yourself using the FiveOsix web site, when possible, or request rectification of those data by a written request by mail to the data processor at the address listed above.

Personal data contained in official registries are reported verbatim in the interest of reliability and legal certainty. Rectification requests regarding these data must be addressed directly to the registrar in question, after which the correct data will also appear in the FiveOsix system.

Other rights

You have the right to restrict the use of your personal data for the purposes of market and opinion research, and direct marketing. This can be done by a written request by mail to the data processor at the address listed above.

Changes to privacy policy

Substantial changes to this privacy policy are announced prominently on the dashboard FiveOsix platform. Purely technical changes such as changes of name or address are not announced separately. If a customer does not accept the new privacy policy, they may terminate their contract within 30 business days from the effective date of the new privacy policy. Continued use constitutes approval of the new privacy policy, save for specific provisions to the contrary in any particular customer’s license agreement.