Why Five O Six ?

FiveOsix is an online tool allowing intellectual property managers to easily and efficiently manage intellectual property rights.

FiveOsix is specifically conceived to manage IP activities, and help you handling patents, trademarks and registered designs.

Online information & management


Create intellectual property rights information sheets in seconds. You can then complete sheets with various information elements.

You can also easily grant viewer or user rights to collaborate more efficiently.


Retrieve trademark, patent or design rights


Store and manage information (application and registration dates and numbers, publication dates …) related to your intellectual property rights.


Manage tasks for IP right


Associate specific tasks for each part or step of your IP right (patent, trademark or registered design). Specify the content of each task and associate it with budgets and documents.


FiveOsix is a basic and clear, but reliable IP management web-based solution.  If you are searching for a solution that is concentrating on managing your IP rights data only and you do not need customization, then FiveOsix will be suitable for you.

Law firms, Start-ups, Universities, R&D centers, small and mid-sized companies are demanding basic and competitive priced solution to fill their needs. The goal is to serve clients with a simple but reliable solution at a competitive price which they cannot find at the current IP service providers.

Our mission in focus is to deliver a powerful solution to store and access data with a minimum of clicks.

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The FiveOsix solution is ideal for

IP law firms who like to share and educate their clients how to store IP data with uniform rules.

Companies with small to mid-sized IP portfolios

Research and development


Start-up hubs

What you see is what you get

Simple, basic and reliable out of the box web-based solution

Intuitive and very user-friendly user interface

No expensive implementation study required

No time consuming training required

We deliver

IP rights management (patent, trademark, design)

Document management

Due date & reminder management

Budget management

Information sharing

Easy import and export of data

Access from any device

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us